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Thoughts on 2012 Kansas Tax Act (Senate Substitute for HB 2117) PDF Print E-mail
Effective in 2013, major changes take effect in the Kansas Income Tax of individuals, estates and trusts.

In brief, rates are reduced to 3% and 4.9% (3% bracket is 30,000 joint, 15,000 for all others), standard deductions are increased for joint and head of household to $9,000 (single remains at $3,000), approximately 20 credits are repealed, and income from Schedules C, E, and F is excluded from taxable income.

The Act has no impact on 2012 returns.  The Act has little or no impact on C corporations.
KS Unemployment instructions PDF Print E-mail
ATTENTION: Changes in filing Kansas Unemployment Reports

Kansas Department of Labor is strongly encouraging online filing of quarterly reports. Following are the instructions our clients will need to submit the return online.
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Several banks are ceasing to accept Federal tax deposit coupons.  Bank of America stopped accepting the payments on September 30, 2009.  Intrust Bank will no longer accept the coupons as of February 1, 2010. 

Tax Preparation Tips PDF Print E-mail
Here are some hints to make the tax preparation process move quickly, keeping costs to a minimum:
  1. Open your mail before meeting with your tax advisor.  We don't need to see the envelopes and we don't want to charge you for opening and sorting your mail.
  2. Group like items together.  Crumpled receipts in a shoe box take time to straighten and organize.  Let us spend time on your account focused on tax issues not organizing.
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Do you use your car for business, charitable, medical, or moving purposes?